Multidisclinary artist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada


2024    Nearly touching the promise, The Cabinet, SFU Woodwards, Vancouver

2021     Country Balance, Zalucky Contemporary, Toronto

2020     Grass Drama, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver

2020     Staying in the feeling, Malaspina Printmakers, Vancouver

2019     Solitaire, with Anne Bourse, Cassandra Cassandra, Toronto

2018     Dreamweed, Unit 17, Vancouver.

2018     Cloudcuckooville,, in collaboration with Tiziana La Melia

2017     Stupid sun, 8eleven, Toronto

2017     Milman Parry’s Waiting Room Rhapsody, Artspeak, Vancouver 

2017     Mucking around the beginning and the end, with Sylvain Sailly, Spare Room,     Vancouver

2015     Help me Remember, L’escalier, Montreal, 

2014     Window Bended Harmony, CSA Space, Vancouver

2008    PPPPFFFFFGGGGGHHHH with Christian Kliegel, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver


2024     Or gallery (upcoming, fall)

2022     Mystic Toolkit, Artpace, San Antonio, Texas

2021     Moonshow, curated by Hearth Garage @ the Plumb, Toronto

2021     Technē, organized by Antonia Hirsch, Republic gallery, Vancouver

2020     Pandemic is a Portal, SFU Audain Gallery, Vancouver

2018     Matters in the end, Support, London, On

2018     History Works Itself in All Directions, Blinkers, Winnipeg

2017     Soot, Unit 17, Vancouver

2016     Ambivalent Pleasures, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver

2016     Big Toe, Giant Steps, 221A @ Occidental Temporary, Paris, France

2015     Through a Window, Simon Fraser University Gallery, Vancouver

2015     Occasional Furniture, The Apartment, Vancouver

2011     Faker than Faux Fur, Access Artist Run Centre, Vancouver


2024    Bicycle Moon (Blue Light), Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen, Grunt Gallery

2023    Bicycle, as part of Facade for the City of Markham, co-organized by AGYU, cancelled by the City of Markham

2021     Crossroads, Public artwork at 4488 Juneau St, Burnaby, B.C.  

2017     Chintzware, Cambie Station, Capture Festival, Vancouver


2023     Typographic Collaboration Featuring Julian Yi-Zhong Hou and Shane Krepakevich, A publication partnership between
              BlackFlash Magazine and Le Sigh

2022     Grass Drama, with text by Chanelle Adams, as part of Xenia Benivolski’s You Can’t Trust Music, e-flux

2022     Strange Relief, Music Gallery, Toronto

2019     Second Spring, Curated by Sungpil Yoon of VIVO with the COV, Trout Lake

2019     Anoetic Tokenization, a research project invited by Jesse Mckee and 221a, Blockchains and cultural padlocks

2017     A Pair of Blue, commissioned music for performance by Katie Lyle and Shelby Wright

2017     Throwing shade, commissioned by Wllpprs, New Forms Festival, Vancouver

2017     This chime has a door, commissioned by Yu Su, 221a

2017     Songs through a wall, commissioned by Stacey Ho

2015     Closeup, The Breakdown, commissioned music for Judy Radul, Agnes Etherington Art Centre

2015     Strange Relief, The Apartment, Vancouver

2015     Light Soluble Mediums, Organism for Poetic Research, The Picture Show, New York

2013     Continuum Model, commissioned soundtracks for films by Sylvain Sailly, Western Front, Vancouver

2013     Rent Assembly, Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver

2011     Signal & Noise Festival, VIVO Media Arts, Vancouver


2024    Artist talk, Emily Carr University

2021     Guest Artist, University of Victoria Visual Arts, Victoria

2019     Cloudcuckooville, with Tiziana La Melia, organized by Casual Magic, New York City

2018     Guest Artist, Langara University, Vancouver

2017     Nexus Line, Kamias Triennale, Quezon City

2017     Fire makes no sound, Things that can Happen, Hong Kong

2017     What about the Children? Damien and the Love Guru, Brussels, Belgium

2017     In collaboration with Tiziana La Melia, Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, Schwaz, Austria

2017     Nexus Line, Vancouver Art Gallery

2016     Milman Parry's Waiting Room Rhapsody, The Tent Shop, Duplex, Vancouver

2014     Lot Potpourri in collaboration with Tiziana La Melia, The Apartment, Vancouver


2023     Wounded Healer, a series of events, residency and program co-curated by Fan Wu with artists Prince Nifty, Eddy Wang.
              Western Front

2020-current    Curator for Second Spring

2019     Humus, a presentation of research by artists, UBC Blockchain conference and Pollyanna Library, 221a

2015     Aligned with the Curve of Night, Model Projects, Vancouver, co-curated with Tiziana La Melia

2014     The Corruption of Time’s Dust, 221a, Vancouver, curatorial residency


2023    The gentle engine of de-asphyxiation, @hauntprojects, Instagram

2022    Strange relief, as part of Strange Relief at the Music Gallery

2021     Anoetic Tokenization, as part of Blockchains & Cultural Padlocks, 221a

2020     Ketamine Clear, as part of Pandemic is a Portal, SFU Audain Gallery

2018     Maggie Seven Days, Charcuterie 4

2017     Grammar Glamour, exhibition text for Tiziana La Melia, Unit 17

2016     Vancouver Special: Ambivalent Pleasures, Vancouver Art Gallery

2016     Influence in the air, textsound, Issue 21

2016     Bad Breath, ti-TCR, a Web-Folio, No. 15, pg 27.

2015     Surfing the Margins, The Bartleby Review, September.

2015     John Smith, The Art Book Review, February.

2014     Don’t Play, exhibition text for Steven Hubert, Sunset Terrace.

2014     Lisa Robertson’s “Thinking Space”, Capilano Review, Spring 2014.

2013     Amphibian Slurps (w/ Tiziana La Melia), Fantasy Art Now, Swimmers Group Books

2013     Drive to Siria, Spoox Audiozine, Issue 9


2024    To touch The Ten Thousand Things without dependency: interlocking wounds and intuitions with Fan Wu and Julian Hou,
             interview by Amy Gottung, Reissue Pub, March 2024

2023    City of Markham apologizes after cancelling public artwork featuring queer subject in drag, by Ryan Patrick Jones, CBC News, October 24,             2023

2023    Magic as Pedagogy: Transforming art and self with Megan Hepburn, Patrick Cruz, and Julian Yi-Zhong Hou, by Coco Zhou,    
             Reissue Pub, Feb 2023

2022    Two Kinds of Knowledge Shaking Hands: A Conversation About You Can’t Trust Music by Julieta Aranda and Xenia Benivolski,
             Flash Art, Fall 2022

2022    New Symbologies, Symbols and Spirits in works by Julian Yi-Zhong Hou and Zadie Xa, by Jayne Wilkinson, Esse arts + opinions,
             105, 2022

2022    Making your way under darkness: Moonshow at the plumb, by Dana Snow, Peripheral Review, May 25, 2022

2021     Almost Gathering, by Lauren Fournier, Galleries West, 2021

2021     Julian Yi-Zhong Hou’s Country Balance, by Molly Cranston, Editorial Magazine, 2021

2021     Grass Drama Julian Yi-Zhong Hou, by Magnus Tiesenhausen, Cmagazine, Summer 2021

2021     Grass Drama and Selected Works, Laura Stanley, New Feeling, Issue 4, 2021

2020     Resonant signals, by Joni Low, Canadian Art, Spring 2020

2020     Solitaire: Julian Hou and Anne Bourse, by Kate Kolberg, Cmagazine, Issue 145, 2020

2019     Julian Hou: Life of a resident artist, by Theresa K Howell, V 19, 2019

2019     Julian Hou, Interview by Fiorela Argueta, Discorder magazine, Winter 2018

2018     History is a passive translator, Lauren Lavery, Peripheral Review, August 8 2018

2017     Vancouver Report: From one body to another, Lucien Durey, Canadian Art online, October 25 2017

2017     Julian Hou: Milman Parry’s Waiting Room Rhapsody, Steffanie Ling, CMagazine, Issue 135, 2017.

2017     Mucking around at the beginning and the end, Steffanie Ling, Akimblog, September 2017.

2015     Aligned with the curve of night at Model Projects, Akimblog, September 2015

2014     Julian Hou at CSA space and 221a, Kathryn Rozitis, Issue Magazine Fall 2014.


2024    Western Front, Curatorial residency, Vancouver

2021     Sobey Award Long-list

2019     Triangle Residency, Marseille

2018     Western Front Residency, Vancouver

2017     221a, Vancouver, Production Residency

2017     Mayor’s Award for Emerging Visual Artist, Vancouver

2014     221a, Vancouver, Curatorial Residency

2010     Vaughn Berg Memorial Award, UBC Architecture


2022     Canada Council Concept to Realization Grant

2022     BC Arts Council Visual Arts Project Assistance Grant

2020     Canada Council Visual Arts Travel Grant

2018     Canada Council Visual Arts Research and Development Grant

2018     BC Arts Council Visual Arts Project Assistance Grant

2018     City of Vancouver Public Art Grant

2018     Canada Council Visual Arts Travel Grant

2017     Canada Council Media Arts Travel Grant


2020-Present      Second Spring, organizer

2019-2021            Or Gallery, Board of Directors


2010     Masters of Architecture, University of British Columbia

2006     Bachelors of Arts, Art and Culture Studies, minor in Visual Arts, Simon Fraser University


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