Crossroads, 2021

4488 Juneau St. Burnaby, Canada, Solterra Development. Photo credit: Dennis Ha

Crossroads is a triptych of stained glass pictures that memorialize figures in the fashion popular during the time of the artist's youth spent loitering around Lougheed Mall in the early 1990s. Resona

Impossible without the support of the production team of artists: Simon Grefiel, Jack Kenna, Aubin Kwon, Tiziana La Melia, Caitlin McDivitt, Marika Vandekraats, and Julie Zhang. Additional support from Justina Bohach, Jeanette Blackwell, Julia Feyrer, Kyle Labow, Victoria Lum, and 221A. Thank you to Al Bratiuk for the idea to include local mascot Canuck the crow, and to Tiziana La Melia for the idea of working with stained glass. A very special acknowledgement to Rob Shantz and Area 58 Innovation Inc. for collaborating on the process design, structural design, armature fabrication, and installation. The team @area58: Rob Shantz, Bobby Shantz, Calum McDonough, Dewey Van Randen, Duane Hemminger, John Hasler, Kevin Fivelsdal, Niko Pasmans, Rodney Lindberg, & Shane Van Randen.