Grass Drama & Selected Works


A ritual-based performance that spans multiple sites, temporalities, and formats. Centred around a 7-day THOTH tarot reading that took place through the winter solstice of 2017, the full length vinyl record LP explores layers of symbolism toward the production of new mythologies and manifestations. Grass Drama layers together bedroom folk recordings, medieval composition sensibilities, timbres and textures from Chinese soap operas, and midi orchestration. Previous iterations of Grass Drama have been shown in several exhibition spaces including the Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver), Malaspina Printmakers Society (Vancouver), Unit 17 (Vancouver), Cassandra Cassandra (Toronto) and in the publication Charcuterie (Vancouver).

The record also includes a second LP of previous and related sound works made between 2014-2018 titled Selected Works.

The record was produced by Ellis Sam, mastered by Jonathan Scherk, and pressed by PCR.